About Me


I knew in the 7th grade that I was going to be a designer. My favorite smell is and always will be the smell of ink; there is nothing better than the smell of a fresh printed piece off the press. What I love about design is the chase, the process—the battle between designer and an empty page. I live for the eureka moment and I love that rush of energy and creativity that takes over when the perfect design solution presents itself. While I started my career as a “print” designer, my portfolio has grown over the years to include the design and art direction of numerous branding, web, digital, interactive, and video projects.

For me, design is not about the typeface or image you select, but the moment you realize what they say together. And it is important to mention that I believe a good designer can design for any media; and regardless of the delivery method, it all starts with a pencil and paper—no exceptions.